Monday, March 21, 2011

{Pictures of New Hope: Part One}

Please forgive me for taking SO long to get some pictures up from around New Hope!! I have not really had the time (or the camera lens, but the McFarlands (our next door neighbors) lent me their lens so I could get better pictures) until now. For now, I will just show you pictures of some of the buildings and I will also be explaining to you what New Hope Uganda really is. It is not an orphanage...I know in my support letter, I said that it was a type of orphanage, but it isn't at all like an orphanage you would think. Actually, I think I'll wait till the next post to really try to explain because I'll use pictures to help explain. I know, I you're going to be mad at me for not continuing to explain...I'm sorry. At the moment, I don't have the pictures I need, but I will have them soon.

So, I'll start by showing you pictures of the school, church, guest house, and where we live.

This is our house...

The Institute is the building in the middle, the kitchen is on the right, and the library is on the left

The Institute kitchen...

This is the Jonathan family "spoke", the path that leads to the Institute, the Jonathan family, and our house. Our house is ALL the way down the path to the left, and the Institute is on the right.

After you get to our house, you can keep going down this path, and on the right is where the Jonathan family is, and then you keep going down and there are gardens and even farther into the bush are villages.

Then if you go the other way up the path, this is the center of everything. The primary school and where we meet for church...

Here are some of the kids playing at school during I know this is going to be a bit confusing, but on the right is one of the primary school buildings as is the one on the left, but then where it is open we meet for church, and then behind the trees is the other school building.

So, this is the center, and then there are seven "spokes" that branch out and they are the seven different family groups.

Here are two other family group names besides Jonathan

Like I said, in the next post, I will try to explain what New Hope really is. It's pretty awesome!!

Ok, so here's the school building on the right, although if you're coming from the entrance, it's on the left

Then this one's on the right

Then here's a picture of the building in the center...the back is part of primary school, but the open part is where we have church

Here is the guest house...

This is a huge mango tree (btw, there's an even larger on on secondary side!! ), and then this is the huge cistern where the water is purified for New Hope,
and the path coming from the entrance is on the left

Well, that's all for now...more to come soon

Here are my little companions :D



  1. Hi Danielle! It's good to hear from you. The kiddies are so cute! :)Still praying for you and can't wait to see you. Love, Jaunine

  2. Aw, I love that last picture - SO cute! :) It must be fun having them as your companions. Thank you for sharing the pictures and showing where you live. It's a cute house! I look forward to hearing more about New Hope.

  3. I love seeing my little grandchildren. Naomi reminds me of myself when my brother would hold my hand in the Netherlands. The same little round face, with the same "where are you" look on it. She must've been looking to see that you were coming too! :) David is taking care of his little sister! Thank you, Daniell! I love seeing your blogs. :)