Saturday, February 26, 2011

{Daily Life...Kiddos}

Well, I tried to get a post up before this...please forgive me for taking so long! Things have been busy lately...just daily life mainly. It's been great though!
This post, is just going to be random pictures of the kids throughout the past few weeks.

A couple weeks ago, David was making thank you cards so Naomi wanted to do it too.

Then I put this really cute headband on Naomi and took some pictures. It's not easy to take pictures of a 17 month old...especially one who's constantly on the move.

Then I found David and Isaiah playing on the veranda (front porch), so I took some pictures of them. They are so cute!!

They are best friends....and sometimes worst enemies.

They love climbing the veranda wall...there's a little ledge that they step on.

Aren't they so stinkin' cute?!

Here they are on their bodas

Climbing the "mountain"

Isaiah has a little sister, Elliana, who is Naomi's age...

Here are the four of them...

...yep, David and Naomi are pretty hard core thumb suckers.

And here are a few of baby Jonathan...he is growing SO much!!

Ok, that's all for now! I will be posting in the next few days!! I promise!! I'll work on the next post when I'm done with this one...that way it'll be ready just in case I don't have time.

Thank you for your prayers!! They are deeply appreciated and needed!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

{Baby's Here!!}

Due to lack of stable internet, this post is a week or so late...soooo there'll be a lot more pictures. :D But, besides unstable internet, everything is going very well here!
Baby Jonathan is 2 weeks on Sunday!!!! He was born Sunday, January 30th, and he was 9 lbs 1 oz! Since he is about 2 weeks old, I have pictures from the last couple of weeks, so even in the 2 weeks he's changed so much!

Here he is just 2 days old...

Then here he is, awake, at a week old....isn't his outfit so cute!

They dedicated him this past Sunday so that Rebecca's mom could be here for it. (she left today ) It was really special!!

Before going to church we took some family pictures, and here's one of my favorites. :D

Here are the pictures I took of him in his dedication outfit.

He's asleep again

Here he is a couple days ago...awake!! :D

Well, it's hard to believe he's really here, but he is, and he is such a cutie!! For the most part he is not fussy, and has been sleeping pretty well at night. The kids love him, and are so excited he's here!!

I will be posting in a few days...I really will be!!! There'll be lots of pictures of the kids and a few more.

Here's a picture of David and Naomi and their Grandma this morning before she left. They love their Grandma!!!

Talk to you all soon!!! Thank you for all your prayers!! :D


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{February, Fruit, and More...}

Wow!! I can’t believe that it is February already!!! I’ve been here for three weeks, and I only have about 2 ½ months left here!
Well, yesterday morning the baby arrived...his name is Jonathan and he is SO adorable! He weighed 9 lbs!! I’ll have to show you pictures soon. I haven’t taken any of him yet, but I will in the next few days or so.
So, I have a few pictures that I've taken in the past couple weeks. Since I mentioned it in my first post, I'm sure everyone is probably wondering...what is jackfruit?! Well, here's a picture of jackfruit!
If you would like to learn more about the jackfruit (otherwise known as breadfruit) click on this link.
Also, the Vogts have many pineapple plants (about 150!) some of which are very close to being ready to pick!
See the little shoots coming out on the side of the pineapple? When the pineapple is picked, you cut these off and plant them to grow a new pineapple plant! This is one that still has a while.
Here are some tree tomatoes that we had with breakfast the other day.
They are delicious!! David loves them!
Oh yes, and here's a picture of banana trees.
They grow EVERYWHERE!! The bananas that grow on these trees are about 3 inches long. Here is a picture of a bunch of bananas that came off of one of their trees!!
They are so yummy!!!! (oh, and another random fact...there are at least 5 different kinds of bananas here: gonja, plantain (or matooke), indizi (the three inch ones), bagoya, and fia!)
As I mentioned before, we cook almost everything from scratch if you want to have tacos, you have to make the salsa, the guacamole, shred the cheese, AND make the tortillas! So I now know how to make tortillas. :D We also have to make the pizza from running to the store for frozen pizzas or to Little Caesars. That means make the dough, the sauce, etc. Here's a picture of one of the pizzas I made the other night. Here's when it was ready to go into the oven...
...and here’s when it came out!!

Oh, and here's a picture of the sunset the other night. The sun was a deep deep red!!
And the building that you see is the Institute (New Hope Institute of Childcare and Family) where Chris teaches. It's not very big, as you can see, but they're hoping to make it bigger someday.
{Danielle forgot to attach this picture to her email, I will add it to the post as soon as she sends it!}

Well folks, that's all for now. Soon I'll post some pictures of the baby, and some more fruit and more of the kids as well.
Thank you so much for praying!!
I appreciate it so much!