Thursday, March 24, 2011

{Random Pictures...}

So, I still don't have the pictures I need for the next post, so here are a few to keep you satisfied till then. (though I think that Beppe will be the most happy to see her cute grandkids )

These pictures are from when we went into Kampala to start Jonathan's passport stuff...the kids were so happy to play in the pool :D

Aren't they such a hoot in their sunglasses??

And here's Naomi lounging in the hammock

David, Isaiah, and Nicholas climbing the tree beside the house

Last Sunday when we were leaving for church, David was trying to help Naomi fix her headband :P

Then this picture of Jonathan, which I think is my all time favorite of him, I took a couple weeks ago. Isn't he darling?? He's getting SO big!!

And now, here are some pictures from when we went to Jinja...we were there for a little vacation last weekend. It was very nice, and I had a wonderful time. It was a nice break for all of us. :D

Here is the Vogt family at Bujagali Falls on the Nile River...

and here is part of the falls...isn't it beautiful?!

This is on the way there...we passed through the thick wouldn't want to get stuck here...just sayin' I took it from out the back window of the car, so it's not the best, but it gives you a picture of part of what we drove through

Also on the way there, we stopped and got chicken on a stick it was delicious!!! :D It's a drive through...they're just on the roadside, and when you stop they all swarm your car and try to sell you their chicken and gonjas (bananas) :DI wish I had gotten pictures of it.

I did, however, get pictures of the yummy chicken

Then on the way back, Rebecca took some pictures for me when we were in Kampala, of the streets. This is what you see while driving through. :D It's great!

Isn't this awesome?! We saw two different guys with tons of bottles on their bikes! I was pretty impressed.

There are also people that carry 4 to 5, or more, big huge banana bunches on the back of their bicycles or boda-bodas. :D

Hopefully I'll be posting the second part of New Hope soon!!! I'll work on that tomorrow. :D


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{A Quick Announcement}

Hi friends!!!!!!!!!!!
It's me, Danielle!! :D I hope you all have enjoyed the posts, I've been posting (with the help of my mom and a friend)!!!!! I have an announcement to make....drum roll please...
Ok, it's not that exciting, actually it's rather sad...ok, I'll just tell you. :)
So, on March 31st, the internet at New Hope is being shut down for purposes which I do not know, so I will try my ABSOLUTE hardest to get at least 3 or 4 more posts to my friend, that way she can post them weekly until I'm home (i'll be home in less than 4 wks!). I'm not making any promises, but I will try very very hard to get some posts least to finish the second part of showing you around New Hope. :D
Thanks for your prayers and understanding!!!!!
P.S. This past weekend I was able to ride on the Nile River!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaand, I saw the source of the Nile!!! Pretty amazing! I'll have to show you pictures of that too!

Monday, March 21, 2011

{Pictures of New Hope: Part One}

Please forgive me for taking SO long to get some pictures up from around New Hope!! I have not really had the time (or the camera lens, but the McFarlands (our next door neighbors) lent me their lens so I could get better pictures) until now. For now, I will just show you pictures of some of the buildings and I will also be explaining to you what New Hope Uganda really is. It is not an orphanage...I know in my support letter, I said that it was a type of orphanage, but it isn't at all like an orphanage you would think. Actually, I think I'll wait till the next post to really try to explain because I'll use pictures to help explain. I know, I you're going to be mad at me for not continuing to explain...I'm sorry. At the moment, I don't have the pictures I need, but I will have them soon.

So, I'll start by showing you pictures of the school, church, guest house, and where we live.

This is our house...

The Institute is the building in the middle, the kitchen is on the right, and the library is on the left

The Institute kitchen...

This is the Jonathan family "spoke", the path that leads to the Institute, the Jonathan family, and our house. Our house is ALL the way down the path to the left, and the Institute is on the right.

After you get to our house, you can keep going down this path, and on the right is where the Jonathan family is, and then you keep going down and there are gardens and even farther into the bush are villages.

Then if you go the other way up the path, this is the center of everything. The primary school and where we meet for church...

Here are some of the kids playing at school during I know this is going to be a bit confusing, but on the right is one of the primary school buildings as is the one on the left, but then where it is open we meet for church, and then behind the trees is the other school building.

So, this is the center, and then there are seven "spokes" that branch out and they are the seven different family groups.

Here are two other family group names besides Jonathan

Like I said, in the next post, I will try to explain what New Hope really is. It's pretty awesome!!

Ok, so here's the school building on the right, although if you're coming from the entrance, it's on the left

Then this one's on the right

Then here's a picture of the building in the center...the back is part of primary school, but the open part is where we have church

Here is the guest house...

This is a huge mango tree (btw, there's an even larger on on secondary side!! ), and then this is the huge cistern where the water is purified for New Hope,
and the path coming from the entrance is on the left

Well, that's all for now...more to come soon

Here are my little companions :D


Thursday, March 3, 2011

{Favorite Books}

I thought I'd show you some of what I do on a daily basis...

These 5 books are read every day, at least 4 or 5 times a day, plus quite a few more...I think I might have all of them memorized.

This one is called Animal Sounds, whenever we turn the page to the turkey, and as soon as I start to say gobble..., she starts saying, gobble gobble gobble, and shakes her head around. :D
It's so cute!

Then there's Frosty the Snowman...

Whenever we get to this page, David and Naomi yell, STOP!!!! They know what's coming.

Then there's the Little Drummer Boy. Naomi loves this one.

Every time she sees a page with the cow, she's like, COW!!!

Then we also read The Very Hungry Caterpillar quite often as well.

So, that's what I do almost every day, read them these books, plus a few more. We also go on walks to see the cows, so I'll have to show you the cows too!

Oh, and here's some baby feet.

Hopefully I'll be posting really soon!! I know I always say that, but I will really try extra hard to have another post ready in a couple of days.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

{Daily Life...Kiddos}

Well, I tried to get a post up before this...please forgive me for taking so long! Things have been busy lately...just daily life mainly. It's been great though!
This post, is just going to be random pictures of the kids throughout the past few weeks.

A couple weeks ago, David was making thank you cards so Naomi wanted to do it too.

Then I put this really cute headband on Naomi and took some pictures. It's not easy to take pictures of a 17 month old...especially one who's constantly on the move.

Then I found David and Isaiah playing on the veranda (front porch), so I took some pictures of them. They are so cute!!

They are best friends....and sometimes worst enemies.

They love climbing the veranda wall...there's a little ledge that they step on.

Aren't they so stinkin' cute?!

Here they are on their bodas

Climbing the "mountain"

Isaiah has a little sister, Elliana, who is Naomi's age...

Here are the four of them...

...yep, David and Naomi are pretty hard core thumb suckers.

And here are a few of baby Jonathan...he is growing SO much!!

Ok, that's all for now! I will be posting in the next few days!! I promise!! I'll work on the next post when I'm done with this one...that way it'll be ready just in case I don't have time.

Thank you for your prayers!! They are deeply appreciated and needed!